‘The best way to find out if you can trust somebody, is to trust them.’– Ernest Hemingway

Today is Valentines’ Day; my anniversary. It’s been an entire year since I first got published. This felt fantastic, until I realized I have 10 whole pens and not a single one works. Although this is slightly depressing as a writer on a budget, I did learn to make Spaghetti Bolognaise this week, and it didn’t make me ill. Celebrations were short lived, as I saw a picture of my friend’s homemade Banana Bread, and reflected upon the jar of sauce I had managed to heat, I digress. In talking to my friends for inspiration, I learnt what lingerie we would buy for women if we were men, and to avoid putting a whole garlic clove in your vagina for ‘cleansing purposes.’ It’s been one of those weeks.

Naturally, as a History student, I have nothing better to do with my time than to look up the historical significance of Valentine’s Day. According to Wikipedia, today is actually entitled the ‘Feast of Saint Valentine.’ I’m sorry, where is the Chef? An early celebration in about 469a.d. of ‘one or more of the Christian Saints named Valentinus’, was reignited in the Middle Ages by Chaucer’s posse. The flowers and cards arrived mid-18th century, as courtship flourished, and the rest is quite literally history. Please don’t be anti-valentines, yes you should show your love every day and it puts the pressure on for some, but it can only add value to an ordinary day. Just tell someone you love them, it makes you feel fantastic. Although do be aware that in most cases pot plants and pets don’t answer back.

 Trust is the foundation of a relationship. That is really all I can say. As much as I love dishing out advice from my experiences and predicting scenarios, the truth is that each relationship is entirely different and specific to the participants. As far as I know, when you like someone and they like you back as that more-than-friends stuff, you tend to know about it. So if you know about it, go for it. If you don’t know about it, probably don’t go for it and just return to your friends. Or your pot plants and pets. If you are in that mutual like-ness/weirdness, go ahead and trust. In my opinion, a lack of trust ruins many potential relationships and actual relationships alike. In order to know, you must take a risk, even Hemingway said. Valentine’s is just one of 365 days to act on this (but you can blame it on the day if it all goes wrong.)

Last weekend I was re-living first year in Syndicate at a white t-shirt party involving rap battles in the upstairs room. All manner of things were on my top and this time I am sorry. This weekend I will be at a ‘Great Gatsby’ party in Pryzm; the most romantic of places. With three months to go until we try to graduate, my Valentines will involve a candle-lit dinner with my best friends in Macdonalds. This is completely true and not for research purposes, obviously. My first article published was how to enjoy Valentine’s Day as a ‘Single Pringle.’ Namely, avoid a restaurant with your mum. Especially if you like to talk as much as I do, and will undoubtedly be urged to leave by many waiters. This is one of the reasons I am single. If you are coupled-up, you probably won’t be reading this. Unless you are my friend who reads it out loud to her boyfriend each week, for this I am sorry. Or not actually.

Happy Valentines’ Day! X