– ‘Well, the truth is… actually… I’m in love.’ 

love actually


Love is all around us. You can feel it in your fingers. You can feel it in your toes. And very much so around Christmas time.

Love Actually (2003) follows the love life of 8 couples in their everyday life. Well, it’s not exactly everyday life. It is Christmas time and we all know it has a certain effect on the mood.

This film does not have a complex topic. It is simply ‘Love’ in every shape or form. A flirt, a romance, a love affair, a marriage. It is all there. There is always something you can identify yourself with. That is probably why this film has been an absolute success. Every year the DVD finds its way into the Player – just before Christmas, or even just after Christmas. Occasionally it may find its way to your screen during a warm summer. However, generally, there is no way around it: Once a year it is love, actually. And we all know the scene in which the Prime Minister (Hugh Grant) dances his socks off in 10, Downing Street, London.

Next to the dancing Hugh, we have the rising porn star Bilbo Baggins (Martin Freeman), rock die-hard Bill Nighy, the  slightly confused writer Mark Darcy (Colin Firth), the portrayal of the marriage between Emma Thompson and Snape (Alan Rickman), the fought over Juliet (Keira Knightley) and we also have some brief appearances of Chiwetel Ejiofer. He is currently starring in Steve McQueen’s 12 years a slave. [A very powerful film, you should go and see it while it is still in cinemas!]

There are so many plots that there is no chance that this film cannot be loved. It is one that you automatically watch over and over again. Even if it is only to see Hugh Grant pulling off the most anticipated dance style since 2003.

As always, you still have to judge for yourself. But come on, you must have seen this one at least once.


Jana Zacharias