It has been several weeks since you had to force yourself out of bed, run a brush through your hair, and grab a piece of left over pizza on your way out the door in order to make it to your 10 o’clock lecture on time. The majority of us probably spent the holiday in bed nursing an ever present hangover, watching Netflixs, and avoiding the pile of uni work gathering dust on your desk. But when you handed in your last minute essay, or sat in your exam trying to remember the theorist you learnt about in your cram session the previous night, you knew it was worth it. After all everyone deserves a break.

But, like all good things, the Christmas holiday has come to an end and we are forced to venture out into the cold to sit listening to someone talk at us for an hour or two. After all that’s what we are all paying for, but we knew this when we chose the life of a student. When we accepted the position at UWE we accepted the early morning lectures, the modules that you don’t particularly care for but tolerate because they are mandatory, the long confusing readings, the numerous assignments. Even the hours spent in a crowded library, we accepted these terms and conditions when we decided we wanted a degree.

So make this term count, whether you are at the start, or the end of your degree turn up to your lectures, do the readings, make notes on the readings to get a better grasp on your subject, do the assignments, and at the end of the year you will know that you did your best.

Don’t ignore this column as a condescending rant from a faceless stranger sat behind her keyboard, judging. I spent the majority of my first term in bed, nursing a hangover or just refusing to leave the warmth. During my revision for my exam I realized that I was not revising the material, instead, due to missing more lectures than I went to, I was learning it for the first time. Upon realizing this, I also realized that every lecture I missed, every reading I ignored, it was my own money that I was wasting.

So this semester make the most of your university experience, have fun, learn and enjoy the short time that your degree consists off. Study with your housemates as well as socializing with them; next year you may not see them as often as you’d like.


By Laura Howe