This week has seen the return of three out of my five housemates who were away for Christmas and new years. Three went home, while two decided to take the opportunity to travel around Europe. We all had a nice trip away from Bristol. And now we have begrudgingly come back to our essays, and exams that waited patiently whilst we had our last bit of fun until June.

Although it is nice to be around people again, and not jump every time I heard a noise, this week’s column is not about returning housemates. It’s about what to do with, or to your housemates upon their return.

Last year I lived with a group of friends in a student house at Tendlewood Park. During that time we would each be away for one reason or another. Whilst I went to visit my family for Easter they decided to help me reorganise my room. This involved turning all of my furniture, including my bed, upside down. They even turned the contents of my bookcase upside down. Now for those who know me won’t be surprised that I laughed and then moved in with my only female housemate for about a week until I was forced to return my room back to normal due to a upcoming visit from our landlord. Now this wasn’t the only prank that occurred, during our stay food was wrapped up in newspaper, one of the boys bedrooms was turned into a one direction fans dream house, whilst another’s was filled with plastic cups, which he was still finding when we moved out, and his floor space covered with cups of water. It turns out water’s welcomed when you’re hangover, but not when it prevents you from getting to your bed. Who knew?

So while you wait for your housemates to return, if you decide to welcome them back in such a way, remember that it’s all fun and games until someone looses their deposit. Keep it fun, keep it easy, and make sure you don’t damage any of their property. You still have to live together after all.


By Laura Howe