This week will be a long week of you and your housemates packing up and going home for Christmas.


In all the excitement of farewell parties, and Christmas meals the cleaning can go left undone. This time of year it is important to spend time together as a house having fun, and a well deserved break from your essays and revision. However it is also important to clean before you lock the front door for the last time for a few weeks.


Returning home to a clean house is always nice. So tidy your rooms, clean the dirty dishes, and take out the rubbish. Don’t leave it all for the last person leaving to do. That’s not fair, especially if that person is you. Get the house together after that last party and clean up the empty bottles, wash the cups, and pick up the rubbish. No one wants to return after a long break and have to scrub the mould from the forgotten pasta dishes. Nor do you want to have to deal with smell of leftover beer bottles.


You wouldn’t leave your parents house in a mess, so why would you do it to your own house. Remember it’s not just you that has to live there. And remember it’s not up to you to do it all. So arrange a day before you all leave and do one big clean up before the first person goes. Anything that you use once they are gone should be cleaned after you use it. It doesn’t take long and you might have fun doing it.


And if you aren’t going home this Christmas, or are arriving home before anyone else then keep it tidy. Your housemates don’t want to return to your dirty underwear left on the bathroom floor. Your mess isn’t their responsibility, and theirs is not yours.


Things can get forgotten in the rush to pack before you have to leave, don’t let the cleaning be one of them.


By Laura Howe