This past week we have spent focused on family, friends and presents. Many of us traveled home to spend a few weeks with their family, while others only got to spend a few days. Whether you celebrated Christmas on the 25th or a few days before, due to work and other commitments, Christmas was still on your mind.


However that was last week, this week we are faced with another reason to gather the family, contact friends you haven’t seen in a while and drink. The end of 2013. New years eve is a time to celebrate all the good things that have happened this past year, and to forget the bad. They say that how you spend New Years Eve will be how you spend your new year. So start the year on a high note. Raise a glass at midnight with your family, sing Auld Lang Syne whilst clutching your best friends hand; go to a club with your old school friends wearing matching animal onesies. Whatever you decide to do with your evening make it a time to remember. For one night nothing else matters, all the family arguments, and fall outs are forgotten, and you can spend a few hours remembering why you love them, and all the things you and your friends have been through together.


This year I will be spending my first New Years Eve away from my extended family and childhood friends. Due to work I have had to return to Bristol. But even though my housemates are all still away I won’t be alone. Instead I have invited a few uni friends that are also in Bristol because of work, and even though there are only a few of us we are determined to make it one to remember.


So if you are stuck in Bristol with a few, or even none of your housemates then do what I’m doing and get a group together, cook a meal, and take the opportunity to reflect on your year with a handful of people you couldn’t imagine spending next year without. Or if it is just you and a housemate, and no one else has returned yet, then go to a club, or watch a few films. Whatever you do, don’t spend the night alone.


By Laura Horn