The time of year has begun, where you are either doing an assignment, or have just finished one.


For those who are still doing assignments, whether it is an essay or a presentation, we can all agree that you need peace and quiet. Now whilst the obvious place to study in peace would be the university library. This is not the most practical place to study. You may have transport issues, especially if you don’t drive and are relying on Wessex buses. It may be raining, or just too cold to leave your house. So the next best thing to do is shut yourself in your room, with some headphones on and finish that all important piece of work.


However while you may have a deadline in the next few weeks, your housemates may have already met theirs. So be prepared for the ever-present distractions that come with living with other people. There may be noise, or music until the early hours of the night. Or people coming and going all day. If you find this happening then politely ask them to be a little quieter, or turn the music down until you have finished. Maybe even have a meeting and install a cut off time, such as 11 or 12pm.


For those who are celebrating having finished your assignments until after Christmas, be courteous towards those who are still working. You may think it is perfectly all right to have an impromptu party, but others may not agree.


Whichever situation you may find yourself in, just think about how your housemates may be feeling, or what they might be doing before you blast your music; or voice your opinions about the amount of noise. After all it is not just you that is living in the house.


And remember too much study is not good for you! So allow yourself time to relax with your housemates.


By Laura Howe