During your time at university most of you will find yourselves living with other students that are doing different subjects from yourself. And sooner or later you will find yourself home alone. Whether you are living with friends or living in student halls this will happen.

Now I don’t mean that you will be alone for a few hours, whilst your housemates are at lectures, or work. I mean, home alone for days, even weeks during the holidays. So what should you do when you find yourself in this situation?

Well this weekend one of my flat mates found that she was on her own. After she got over the initial shock of being in an empty flat, she decided to use the rare opportunity of peace and quiet that was given to her, and study. She caught up on all her university work from the past few weeks. Most people at university, especially in first or third year may find themselves overloaded with work. And I find that the more work you have to do, the more you find ways to procrastinate. So if you do find yourself with no one to hang out with for a few days then instead of sulking, sit at your desk and do that essay you’ve been neglecting.

If you are one of those students that actually do the work straight after lectures, and for some people this is how they work best. Then maybe take the opportunity to go and see the sites of Bristol, or take a trip to bath.

If you find yourself broke, and alone then do something nice for your housemates when they return. Clean the house, or flat. Clean your room. Do your laundry. Maybe even bake a cake.

Whatever you decide to do have fun. And remember don’t go snooping through your housemates stuff, don’t eat their food, don’t make a mess and leave it there. And lastly do not walk around naked, not only is it cold, but you never know when your housemates will return home, or who will be with them. You really don’t want to meet their parents in your birthday suit.


By Laura Howe