You can tell a lot about a celebrity’s personality by the way they dress at halloween. Some go for the gruesome gore, while others merely throw on a pair of cat ears and call it a costume. It’s reassuring to see celebrities taking themselves less seriously, and what better time to do so than at Halloween?

Let’s start with Heidi Klum. The supermodel whose known for her off the scale Halloween parties, never fails to pull something out of the bag when it comes to costumes and spends months  preparing before the big day (or week in a celebrity’s case). This year, she traded in her modelesque make up for an unrecognisable transition and dressed as an elderly woman at her own soiree in New York City. However it wasn’t just a quick wig and costume, Heidi had her entire body covered in prosthetics, wrinkles and varicose veins thanks to the help of Bill Corso and Mike Marino.

Heidi Klum Halloween Party

Another star who went for the humorous approach to their costume this year was Alexa Chung. At a party in New York, the presenter and model mixed things up a little by attending as a “hamburglar”. Even dressed as this burger bandit, Alexa still managed to look incredible none the less.


Going for a slightly different approach, Lauren Conrad went for a sweet and sophisticated look. After hand making her costume for a number of weeks, the ex-reality star now fashion designer, went as the tooth fairy in a long, floaty gown with matching wings. Whilst I appreciate the effort of this outfit, it just doesn’t seem right for Halloween… at least whack on a little fake blood!


Kelly Osbourne however, was not so keen on the pretty and sweet costumes that others have been snapped in, and instead went for full frontal gore. Her costume was based on the 1967 film Carrie, and in order to look the part Kelly had an entire bucket of fake blood poured over herself. She teamed up the fake blood with a tiara and silky ensemble, replacing her lilac locks for a more fitting wig.


After the success of “Shaun of the dead”, Simon Pegg is no stranger to zombies and this year he donned the look himself. Blood stained teeth, hands and clothes, Pegg resembled a rather sinister looking zombie as he smiled for the cameras at Jonathan Ross’ halloween party. His costume was perfected by the eery white contact lenses and quite frankly, disgusting set of teeth.


Finally, for something even scarier than the past two blood doused outfits is Matt Lauer’s costume this year. The TV host squeezed himself into a skimpy red bathing suit as he dressed as Pamela Anderson in Baywatch, not leaving much to the imagination in all of that spandex. He even managed to show some serious cleavage in true Pamela style.


From the sultry and sweet to the startlingly scary, the celebrity world has provided us with even more inspiration as to what to wear across the weekend, this Halloween. Which is your favourite?


by Amelia Clifford