Looking at my tweets over the past week, I appear to moan quite a bit. Well, that and rate the cast of Made in Chelsea against each other (Andy > Spencer > Jamie, sorry.) What else is a girl to do when her week consists of extortionate amounts of reading and a lack of dollar? After a ten hour shift at work last week, I’ll take any back-massage offers going. Aside of several blunders this week; including getting stuck to a bus rail via my earphones and creating a “risotto” analogy for my dear friend’s problematic love situation (she was the risotto), I also encountered a fun little bump-into-the-ex situation. Well, by bump-into I actually mean I had a spot-him-from-a-bus-and-proceed-to-sink-slowly-below-your-seat-whilst-stuck-in-traffic situation. I don’t want to embarrass myself further by discussing these hilarities of my week, nor do I want to do the history drill; Nazi-concentration camps and transatlantic slave ships are not really up for discussion this week. I’m also further avoiding the whole Hard out Here Lily thing because men haven’t pissed me off enough this week.

Somewhere between historical destruction and sober blunders that usually involve a serious amount of blushing, is down-time. The best place in the world is the place you have between uni and home; the stop-off point. It can be a cafe, the gym or the park; somewhere you can go and gather your thoughts away from all possible distractions. Making decisions without this down-time can be incredibly difficult, and processing our fast-paced lives as students is important to do. Learning so much information in one week can drive you crazy, and adding alcohol to the mix can leave you talking nonsense to total strangers. Where is your stop-off point?

I decided that people would be able to take more advantage of their stop off point between uni-work and employment if they could clock into the library. Imagine. Of course this is a flawed system where you could get paid to sleep, but I’d like to suggest that in an ideal world, this would increase attendance. In discovering a fantastic article on ‘the importance of down-time’, in which it states ‘down-time is not a luxury…it is a requirement.’ Cite this next time you approach your seminar having read less than the required amount.

In being more excited at Kat and Alfie getting back together on Eastenders than the prospects of my own love-life, I realized that my addiction to television soap-operas must end now. Learning how to make an accurate Pingu noise was a high point of my week, and a life-skill I know I will use in the future. Whilst trying to relax In the meantime, I will go back to my cave (also known as the library) and attempt to winge less next week. I will pre-warn you that I am obsessed with Christmas, so expect this alongside some more food analogies. Next week: men as cakes. Joking.

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