Here’s the scenario: it’s less than 24 hours until the big halloween party, you’re practically living in your overdraft and all the fancy dress shops are looking bare. Sound familiar? Well, fear not because this year I am going to be providing you with ideas on how to make your own fancy dress outfit so you can turn up to the parties looking great, pitying those who have spent a lot on their costumes while having spare cash ready for those all important jägerbombs.


Outfit number one: “Carrie” inspired prom queen outfit.

ameliacolumn1Whether you’ve seen the film or not, the outfit in itself is scary regardless.

To achieve this look you’ll need an old dress, a tiara, a bunch of flowers (optional) and a lot of fake blood. The dress should be formal and give off that prom queen look, but make sure it’s something that you don’t mind ruining because this outfit can be very messy! Charity shops are great for finding eery old dresses at a bargain price, especially the type that you would expect to see in this 1976 blockbuster. The plastic tiara and fake blood can be found at the pound shop, so if you are lucky enough to have an old dress lying about- this is the ultimate creepy yet cheap costume.

Once you’ve put on your dress and tiara, wave goodbye to that squeaky clean prom queen look because the next step is to douse and drench the outfit in fake blood. Voila- you are done!


Outfit number two: Morticia Addams from “Addams Family”


This outfit screams a vampy look and can be done perfectly with only two items. The long black dress; this year maxi dresses have been all the rage and can be found everywhere from high end shops to ebay, but as students, the latter would be the better choice (think of the extra shots you could buy!). For the make up look, simple red lips are fine but if you are feeling a little more daring this halloween why not add a dramatic black smokey eye like Morticia does?! Straighten your hair or instead get a long black wig and you’re ready to go.


Outfit number three: The twins from “The Shining”


If you’re looking for an outfit for yourself and a friend, this is the one. All that you need to do is find a cheap pale blue dress – again, don’t be afraid to scour the charity shops! Knee high white socks to add that innocent childlike look, these can be found at any fancy dress shop. Next, pair the dress and socks with plain black pumps and clip a small bow to your hair like the twins do. And last but by no means least, grab that fake blood and turn this innocent look into something very sinister by covering it in blood!


There you have it, three horror film looks with just three items or less. Now there is no excuse to settle for being a cat this halloween.


By Amelia Clifford