My name’s George and I’m from Coventry, home of The Specials and once a great hub of industry. I’m one of the first in my family to go to university which is a fact my mum is always very keen to mention to everyone. I was born with an extra ear growing off of my right ear but unfortunately had it removed at an early age.

My earliest memory of creativeness was being a little git and drawing on my bedroom wall, much to my mum’s dismay. You could say things never really changed from that moment as I still love to draw on walls, I’ve just gotten taller. We lived in an area at the time where I wasn’t allowed out of the house much which led me to discover colouring books and other such tools available to an aspiring doodler of nonsense. That first wave of imagination has fuelled my work ever since. I was never pushed to be an artist or anything, it was just something I’ve always enjoyed.

I was never hugely academic and I think that’s why I found solace in art and in my sketchbooks, a form of escape as I’m sure it is for many. I’d say my most preferred mediums are spray paint, markers and generally any pens I can get my hands on.

george gamble

I remember the first time I came down to Bristol, for the Banksy Vs Bristol museum exhibition back in 2009, and I just fell in love with this city which I must say heavily influenced my choice when it came to university. Just how vibrant and alive everything was, I pretty much knew then I’d end up back here at some point. From a young age I’d always been interested in graffiti, which obviously was a huge selling point for me when considering Bristol. Now that I’m here, I feel blessed to have made it to uni as I’ve met so many amazing people, not just great mates but people who also inspire the way I work. I get a fair bit of inspiration from my mates, especially the guys I get to paint with.

A lot of my ideas and sketches seem to have minimal outside influences. I just think of something and try drawing it out. Half the time it’s worked, the other half it’s still kind of worked but not how I imagined at first, which can be a good and a bad thing. A lot of my current work, especially since I’ve been living in Bristol, has been influenced by masks, specifically a lot of tribe’s masks and their uses. One of my main subjects to draw are faces, whether it be a character-based sketch or a large scale painting, it’s something that I’m still trying to develop my own personal style within. It’s starting to take shape now but it will always be something I’ll be working on.

george 2I’ve lost count of the amount of artists who have influenced me in some way but I’m currently loving the work of James Jean, who a friend recently put me on to. Also some of my favourites are artists such as Will Barras, Jeff Gogue (art nouveau tattooist), Jamie Hewlett and Takashi Murakami, to name but a few. Also some great local artists I’ve had the pleasure to meet and sometimes paint with are SPZero76, Loch Ness, David Blatch and of course Miller. There are literally too many to even mention!

What does the future hold for me? I’d be lying if I said I knew. Hopefully it will involve staying in Bristol for a while longer and carving out some kind of path here and then travel and get my work out there. If not, I’m moving somewhere cold and getting back to my Viking roots!

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