Fix Up Look Sharp’s launch night at Hamilton House was a perfect display of both their unique products and the amazing work that they do. The up-cycling brand turns old garments into fashionable products and all its profits go to CLIC Sargent, which helps young cancer patients and their families across the UK. 

They began in 2012 as a fun side project for Ruth Strugnell, the deputy manager of CLIC Sargent’s Charity shop on Gloucester Road. “I just started buying bits from charity shops and cutting them up and seeing what I can do with them”, she said.

By using donations from the shop, Ruth, with the help of volunteers, has been able to progress from what started as a small rail in the charity shop to having an online outlet to sell products.  The pieces are purely made from up-cycling old bits of fabric and clothing to create individual and one-off items; “turning things like curtains and bed sheets into clothes”. Not only are they able to keep costs down by recycling fabric, but Fix Up Look Sharp are working to help the environment. Ruth said that “we don’t waste anything… we even use scraps for scrunchies!” Their slogan is “every garment is as individual as you”.

Fix Up Look Sharp pioneers the importance of supporting local and independent brands. Hayley Robinson, one of the lead voluntary designers for Fix Up Look Sharp, said: “I think the fashion world would just be really boring otherwise, I couldn’t tell you what’s on the catwalk…but I make clothes because I love clothes and I love fabric…It’s like, you find a pretty bit of fabric and think ‘what I could I do with that!’ There’s more history behind it.” “You’re buying into a much better brand with Fix Up Look Sharp because you know that the money is going to charity”, she added.

The launch night signals the success that they’ve achieved so far and a chance for Fix Up Look Sharp to celebrate with all the people who’ve supported them and CLIC Sargent. With a brand new website and another launch party in London this month, Fix Up Look Sharp are paving their way into a larger market. Also, with a regular spot at Glastonbury festival, turning up in their red double decker bus filled with vintage, they certainly are finding their way to success.

Fix Up Look Sharp are always looking for volunteers who are keen photographers, models or designers.

You can find out more information here.

By Rosie Porter