Emma Cassandra Farr is a level two Drawing and Applied Arts student from Reading.


When & why did you start being creative?

I’ve always been able to draw and have always enjoyed it… it’s being creative which is the hard bit. I’m pretty sure I have always wanted to be an artist and when I was little I would copy the pictures on Pokemon cards for my friends. My dad’s a technical illustrator and always encouraged drawing, painting and Photoshop skills from an early age.

Drawing is for me the purest way of getting my ideas down. My mediums vary but I really like a good old HB, also biro, felt-tips, ink and oil paint. In the last couple of years I have also become interested in lithograph and etching. Recently I have really enjoyed ink on plastic, as I like the way it sits, it’s conceptual connotations and haptic qualities of materials. It’s just a very rewarding medium the way you can scratch Into it after its’ done and exists as a finished version in plastic, photogram and print.

DSC_0124 copy 2

Why did you choose to come to UWE?

Bristol’s such an amazing city with plenty of opportunities, kindness, community, public art and activism. I love living near Gloucester road, a veritable hub of independence and community, it’s so wicked that I can get my fruit, veg, clothes and vinyl on the same street where I go out to party!

Bristol was my first and only choice, my interview was great, no stress at all – which is usually a problem for me! They just judged me on my artwork, which I was very grateful for, as sometimes justifying my work can be very harrowing!


What and who inspires you??

A lot of techniques have inspired me recently, I’m trying to incorporate this by making work based on observational line drawing from life, it’s generally fast-paced and I try to capture the sub-conscious gesture and marks.

My work has grown from the combination of having a passion for drawing and my being a people-watcher. I’ve always been inspired by the great old artists Henri Matisse, Toulouse Lautrec and Van Gogh and think that many of their styles are still as relevant today.

I like immediacy in art creation and strive not to be perfect or to tailor things, therefore artists that practice this inspire me like Lucinda Rogers and William Kentridge.?I recently discovered Reportage Illustration and the Topolski Studio at UWE and realised I love drawing from life and experience. This seems like an interesting area to go into and I’m surprised I’ve only just found out there’s a market for it!

IMG_20140122_0024 copy

What are you working on at the moment?

I’ve been doing a lot more observational drawing trying not to think too much, letting my sub-conscious do the drawing which is nicer in my work I believe rather than trying to gain likeness. I’m currently building up my portfolio and applying to volunteer opportunities. Also a month ago I was lucky enough to help paint a mural for the Jeremy Deller English Magic exhibition which is on at the moment!


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