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Ellie is a level two illustration student from Bath.

When & why did you start being creative?

I guess I was almost forced into creativity after spending an endless summer in a caravan touring around England with my parents; 8 year olds do not belong inside small vehicles for prolonged periods of time. A sketchbook would be a form of communication between my siblings and I, away from adult eyes. It wasn’t until I got to art college and realised how taken by the creative world I was and how much I aspired to be part of it. I’m a big fan of the humble pen, though recently I’ve been trying Lithography, such an interesting print process!

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Why did you choose to come to UWE?

Well I was supposed to be studying illustration at Plymouth Uni. I wanted to be a real adult and move far away from home. It wasn’t until I was stood on a pavement on a bleak rainy day in Plymouth with all my belongings that I realised I’d made a terrible mistake. By some kind of incredible luck a week later I was being interviewed by UWE and started my course the very same day. UWE is the perfect bubble to creatively develop in! I feel very lucky to be studying here.

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What and who inspires you?

 I’m mostly inspired and motivated by people and the human experience. People are so strange and it’s the odd ways that they behave in that makes me want to create work. Most work I do originates from little things I see in day to day life. Whether its the monotonous conversations I hear teenage girls having in the swimming pool changing rooms or the drunk guy on the bus. People should always be careful of what they say in public. You never know when there is someone lurking around the corner with a sketchbook. Also Chris Ware, David Shrigley, Keaton Henson and Joe Sacco are great guys!

You can see more of Ellice’s work on her facebook page.