Around this time last year Oliver Temple, a student from Bristol, decided to set up his own clothing company. Two weeks ago, Quintessential Fashion launched to mass online interest. We caught up with the brand’s creator to find out the story behind Quintessential.

Could you give us a brief explanation of the brand?

Quintessential Fashion is a new innovative clothing line, with an accentuation on class and quality with contrast designs. With more and more ideas coming through, there is a chest full of ideas for the future and everyone to look forward to.

How do you think the brand fits into a student lifestyle?

I think mainly the inexpensive nature of the brand, however, I am looking to work alongside some Bristol based organisations in the future to create an exclusive
relationship between students here and the company. From a fashion point of view I feel as though the student style in Bristol is so diverse and unique, so I am hoping Quintessential Fashion, can take a place in that.

Could you give us a brief explanation of the journey you have taken to create QF?

Quintessential came from looking up meanings in the thesaurus. I wanted to see how I could relate the name to the meaning I want to perceive. Quintessential represents a
perfect class or quality, so the name couldn’t get any more appropriate. When I got to the capital to start the clothing line I put my plans into action. Firstly I had to design the logo, and once I was happy with that it was time to design. I came across an illustrator called Toby Holmes, I put my ideas forth to him, and we came up with some amazing designs. I finally had to get involved with my own stock, start making some physical assets. I had over two hundred t-shirts made for the launch, and here we are!

What can we expect from QF in the near future?

Well, it’s coming up to autumn. So there will be a brand new autumn range including some warmer clothing. There is another design that myself and Toby came up with and a few designs done personally by me. It should be good but will be another busy period for me.

What are your long term plans for the company?

That is a very good question. I do know this, but it is something I am trying to keep behind closed doors. This is something everyone is going to have to find out for themselves. I can let you know that it is all going to be good fun.

How does Bristol suit your brand?

Bristol is a creative city in itself, with an ever growing number of shops it’s bound to be a brilliant foundation for fashion. Everyone seems to have their own style. The Bristol Topshop and Topman won the best store in the UK recently which proves that there is a lot of time and effort put into fashion here.

What is the most difficult part of running the company?

Time, there’s just not enough of it. I spend hours packing t-shirts to take to the post office. By the time I’ve finished one mail-off, there are more orders in. I think I might invest in one of those watches that stop time; I hear they are easy to get hold of nowadays.

What’s the most enjoyable part?

All of it is enjoyable, from driving to the post office to folding up t-shirts. But the best thing of all has got to be customer interaction. I love to speak to people that are interested in my clothing line and want a couple of questions answered; just knowing that they enjoy the site and the products amazes

What were your inspirations when establishing the company?

Surprisingly, the inspiration for QF doesn’t come from other clothing lines. My inspiration comes from people like Jamal Edwards, who made his name through SBTV. Young people that have the inspiration themselves to do something good is what drives me. I’m only 20-years-old, so I’m hoping I can inspire other young people to chase their dreams as I have.

Finally, where do you see Quintessential in ten years’ time?

World dominance? No, honestly I’d be happy to see it doing well as an independent brand, with a couple of our own stores around the country.

Quintessential Fashion currently trades solely online at

Jack Brown