As if the shoppers of Bristol weren’t delighted enough with the dramatic upgrade of the city’s fashion stores, the newly improved Topshop now offers a style advisor service to all its customers. The Cabot Circus store kindly invited The Western Eye to put this new service through its paces, to the delight of our fashion writers. Despite previously having a Topshop store in Broadmead, Patrycja shows off her new look chosen by style advisor Emmashoppers have not had the opportunity to indulge in a retail experience tailored to our every need until now.

Upon arrival into the Topshop store we were taken into the style advisor area which included two luxuriously large changing rooms each with a large rail that would later be filled with an array of clothes in every style and colour. We were greeted by our style advisor Katie shows off her new look chosen by style advisor EmmaEmma who asked for our measurements and what we were hoping to get from the service.

After stating we would like to try on a mix of casual and evening wear, Emma’s next question was what styles and colours would we rather she avoid when choosing our garments. Taking our preferences with her, she left us sipping on champagne and flicking through fashion glossies whilst she scaled the shop floor for anything and everything we might like.

We were impressed by the quantity of clothing presented to us, and we were encouraged to be daring and go for outfits we’d never normally choose. No stone was left unturned as Emma was willing to pop out onto the shop floor in search of accessories that would best compliment each outfit we tried on.  Overall the service was impressive and there was never a point where we felt pressured to buy something we didn’t want. I personally benefited from the service as I was drawn to an outfit I would never normally select for myself but thanks to the service I’ve now found a new style that suits me.