Bristol won’t fail to disappoint with its array of cafés, clubs and shopping. For fresher’s the year of exploring will fly by; for the rest of you it won’t bore!



For a chilled vibe with a bit of boogie head to Attic Bar at the bottom of Stokes Croft. Cheap on the door, it’s ideal for a casual night out if the morning headaches are coming too often and you’re bored of having too many Jaegers.

For a similar vibe but with a slight throwback, Mr Wolfs on St Nicholas Street is your calling. Endless classics and perfect after coming 6th place at the Mother’s Ruin pub quiz just round the corner (every Tuesday at 9).


If you’ve still got money to spare or just need the coffee, there’s plenty of choice for a chilled lunch. If you’re bicycling folk, head straight to Roll for the Soul on Quay Street in the city centre. The community bike café offers great foodie classics with hearty coffee and a bike service in tow; what more could you want?

For those with an arty eye, The Arts House in Stokes Croft is wonderful for lunch or of an evening, offering various events including live music and film nights; go enjoy a glass of wine or one of their many beautiful brews.

If you just want to play around in the city, the Playground Coffee House is right in the centre, there’s swings for chairs. Do you need more?


To break up all this pubbing, wining and dining, there’s plenty of opportunity to while away your loan on those wavey garms. Just wander up Gloucester Road or Whiteladies Road for endless vintage, or if that’s too far there’s St Nicks Market on Corn Street in the centre of town!


By Alicia Brooks